The Producers Choice Vocal Warfare Kontakt

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The Producers Choice Vocal Warfare Kontakt

The Producers Choice Vocal Warfare Kontakt

The Producers Choice Vocal Warfare Kontakt

Here at Producers Choice we like to make your life easier. Vocal Warfare is a must have tool to speed up your workflow. It is the perfect tool to add warm and gritty vocal one shots to your music.

Pitched across your keys
Fast and easy to use
Processed to perfection
Beautiful, simple interface
Some of the best vocal samples of all time
Sounds "just right" - straight out the box

The BEST Vocal Samples - packed into an easy to use Kontakt module.

The only Kontakt Module dedicated to vocal one shots (chants / grunts / screams etc.)
Adds gritty warm texture to your music
Sampled from vinyl for an authentic vintage sound
Perfectly chopped and processed vocal one shots for quick and easy use
Kontakt 5 Format
Pitched perfectly across your keys
Mixed and processed to perfection with warm tape saturation
No need to tweak - we already did the hard work to make these vocal samples sound perfect!

Wait, What is this?

"Vocal Warfare is the world's first Kontakt library focussed on EPIC vocal chants, shouts and screams..."

Our aim was to find all our favorite vocal snippets / grunts and screams and pack them into an easy to use kontakt module - perfectly processed and ready to go.

We gave you a simple, easy to use interface. No bloated stuff you'll never use - we just focused on making this thing sound good straight away.

As heard on tracks by Kanye West, Lana Del Ray, Pusha T and more.

Some examples of vocal samples included in this plugin:
Think (About It) by Lyn Collins - as used in "So Appauled" by Kanye West
Long Red by Mountain - as used Born to Die by Lana Del Rey
Funky President by James Brown - as used in Clique by Kanye West, Big Sean and Jay Z
And many more!

ALL your favourite chants, grunts & screams, in a FAST and EASY to use Kontakt Module...

Processed with care - each patch has been lovingly treated with transient shaping, compression, selective EQ, warm tape saturation and more to make these vocal samples "good to go" straight out the gate. Warm, crunchy and sounding sweet.

Next time you need a chant, scream or shout - you can reach for this module to add that finishing touch to a beat.

Simply drag any patch into Kontakt and start playing - it could not be simpler to use.

We sampled the world's most famous vocal samples ("Hey!", "Yeah!", "Uhhhh!", "C'mon!", "Louder!") - and then processed them perfectly and give them to you inside an easy to use Kontakt plugin. You've heard these shouts in your favorite tracks by Kanye West and Lana Del Ray, Kendrick to Pusha T.

Quite simply a "must have tool" for serious producers...

After searching around for those awesome old vinyl shouts and samples, we did the hard work of sampling, chopping, mixing, processing - to leave you with a fast, easy to use module and all the best vocal samples from vinyl at your fingertips. It "just works"...

Kontakt 5 format
39 Kontakt Patches in total
IMPORTANT - You need a FULL version of Kontakt 5 to use this module.


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