Vodovoz Progressive House Kontakt Construction Kits WAV/KONTAKT


Vodovoz Progressive House Kontakt Construction Kits WAV/KONTAKT

Vodovoz Progressive House Kontakt Construction Kits WAV KONT


'Progressive House Kontakt Construction Kits' is a collection of the finest Vodovoz sounds built into a unique and compact Kontakt instrument. There are six patches (three for Kontakt 4.2.3 and three for Kontakt 5.0.3) and each patch contains 10 Construction Kits and 10 packs of one-shot hits and sound effects.

Each kit contains about 100 MB of pristine quality loops that can be combined and played back in sync within your DAW environment. There are eight full editable effects. Another very useful feature is the inclusion of trigger keys. Trigger keys are certain notes that turn the effects on or off as long as they are held down.

Trigger keys are C7 to C8 on your keyboard with C7 matching EQ, D7 matching Phaser, E7 matching Distort etc etc. Also, Reverse mode can be triggered using B6. There are also 10 preloaded presets included and a Macro section that allows you to assign the 9 knobs to any control, so you have direct access to them from the front panel.

This is very useful if you want to automate certain controls in real-time. All of the WAV samples are unlocked so you can use them without having to load up Kontakt if you desire.

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