Panda Bass

Panda Sound - Panda Bass v1.2.0

Panda Bass is a multi sampled/multi articulated bass guitar instrument for NI Kontakt, made with a Carvin LB75 5-Strings Active Bass through a high-end signal chain. Great for any genre.

Panda Bass ver.1.3.0 Features:

D.I. Samples
Note Range From C0 up to G#4
8 Alternate Picks (Up and Down)
Kontakt Humanizing Script
Kontakt Intelligent Alternate Picking Script
NEW! Driver Pedal Mod
Instrument Controlled by Midi Velocity
Signal Chain:

Carvin LB75 5-Strings Active Bass -> Manley Core Channel Strip -> RME: Fireface UC

Recorded with Forte Strings!


Regular Picking
Muted Picking
Slides Up
Slides Down

Panda Bass Kontakt Instrument (.nki)

NEW! Panda Bass PodFarm Presets Pack (.l6t)


An Intel or AMD computer and compatible DAW and at least one of the following:
Kontakt 5.4.3 or greater.

2 GB free disk space

Panda Bass

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